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Propecia is a prescription medication which primarily is used in the treatment of a condition known commonly as male pattern baldness and known medically as androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness, as indicated by its name, follows a very similar progression in all men that suffer from it. Hair loss normally starts along the hairline beginning near the temples before proceeding inward toward the forehead. Next comes a thinning of the hair on the back of the head toward the top, known as the crown, which progresses forward. As these conditions expand and move toward each other they will eventually meet, leaving the top of the head without any hair and resulting in the classic horseshoe pattern that has become synonymous with male pattern baldness.

The cause of male pattern baldness still remains a mystery but most scientific evidence points to a large genetic influence in regard to those who will be afflicted by the condition. DHT is the specific hormone that has been found to be at the heart of the problem. Propecia stops the loss of hair by preventing the body from producing DHT. The biggest problem for most men suffering from male pattern baldness is not the loss of the hair itself but the decrease of self confidence and the increase of insecurity that accompany it. Propecia, by stopping the loss of hair, can stop this process and even reverse it by helping to regrow some of the hair that has been lost. Seeing their hair growing back gives many men back the self confidence and security that they had lost with their hair.

The use of Propecia does, however, come with one very large caveat. If you want to keep the hair that has regrown then you must continue to use Propecia indefinitely. Once it is stopped, you will lose all of the progress that you have made, usually within a year�s time.