Propecia sale

There are several products on the market to treat male pattern baldness, but Propecia is one of the most popular and most effective. Propecia was developed as a treatment for mild to moderate hair loss on the top of the head and the mid-scalp area. Since its release in 2004, Propecia has been highly successful in hair regrowth. And, it even reduces the amount of hair that is lost. If you want the best price on Propecia, there are numerous places online where you can find a Propecia sale.

Not only is Propecia very effective, it is a very affordable way to treat hair loss. It is only available in pill form which makes the dosages easy and convenient. The normal dosage is just one pill per day and it can be taken with or without food. The effectiveness of Propecia was proven in a five year clinical study. Approximately nine out of every ten men that participated in the study either had visible results of new hair growth or had reduced hair loss. Doctors rated 77% of the men that participated as being improved. Most men reported that their bald spot was noticeably smaller, hair loss was reduced and the appearance of their hair even improved.

Male pattern baldness and hair loss is caused by a substance called DHT. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT is a natural metabolite that is the result of an enzyme that combines with testosterone. It is mainly synthesized in the adrenal glands, testes, prostate and hair follicles. When DHT gathers around the hair follicles it prevents vital minerals, proteins and vitamins from reaching the follicle and providing it with the nutrition it needs.

Without the proper nutrition, the hair follicle can’t reproduce hair normally. Hair grows much slower, the growth phase is shortened and the resting stage between hair loss and regrowth is shortened. DHT literally causes the hair follicle to shrink making the hair finer and smaller. And, the hair tends to fall out much sooner.

Around 95% of hair loss can be attributed to the over production of DHT which is directly related to genetics. The problem can be inherited from the mother or father and other family members. Propecia works by significantly reducing the amount of DHT that is produced in the body. Less DHT gathers around the hair follicle and the hair becomes thicker, stronger and can grow naturally. You can save several hundred dollars each year on treatment by looking for a Propecia sale. And, the best place to find a Propecia sale is online.

Shopping for Propecia online offers several advantages. Online pharmacies don’t have all the expenses that a physical pharmacy has and in turn they are able to offer substantially lower prices. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered right to your door. To get the maximum benefits of Propecia, the medication needs to be taken on a regular basis. Some men need to take the drug for at least three months before the benefits are noticeable. It’s also very important that you do not discontinue use of Propecia after you get results. If you stop taking the medication you will probably lose any new growth within 12 months.