Propecia Side Effects

When a person has suffered devastating side effects after taking the prescription drug Propecia, he or she may not know where to turn for legal representation. Finding an attorney that you can trust during this difficult time may seem like an overwhelming task, but it is possible. A qualified Propecia attorney can make a big difference as you begin your fight for compensation from Merck, the manufacturer of Propecia. Merck marketed Propecia as a safe medication to take to treat hair loss, but failed to notify many users of the potential side effects of this drug that could cause life-changing physical conditions.

Thousands of men across the United States suffer from hair loss, and many turned to Propecia as a possible solution to this condition. However, finasteride, the active ingredient in Propecia, has been linked to a variety of disruptive sexual side effects in men. These side effects can vary in severity, but all of them can cause a significant disruption in your day-to-day health and also your sexual health and well-being. Treating the serious side effects of Propecia can be expensive, but with the help of a Propecia lawyer, you might be able to obtain financial compensation from Merck to help cover the costs resulting from any side effects from which you suffer.

There have been many side effects reported after men have taken Propecia, including some that are uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing, and difficult to live with. Some of the more commonly reported side effects of Propecia include:

Genital Shrinkage

Loss of Sex Drive / Libido

Erectile Dysfunction

Disfigurement of the Genitals

Penile Fibrosis

Endocrine System Failure


Emotional Trauma

Psychological Disturbance

These side effects can be more than just physically disruptive and emotionally unsettling; they can also cause a significant financial burden for those living with them on a daily basis. Sometimes medical treatment for these side effects can be expensive and take up a large amount of your free time, resulting in financial and emotional strain. However, many men have been able to obtain financial compensation from Merck to help them cover the costs of treating these side effects. The side effects of Propecia use can affect your life financially, physically, and emotionally in both the short and long term, but fortunately, you may be able to secure compensation for the costs resulting from the side effects of this dangerous medication. If you took Propecia or Proscar and suffered any of the above-mentioned side effects or another condition related to these drugs, you could be eligible to receive financial compensation through a Propecia lawsuit. To learn more about your particular case, and about how to face Merck in a Propecia lawsuit, it’s best to contact an experienced Propecia attorney. With help from a legal representative in your Propecia case, you’re far more likely to receive the compensation that you need at this difficult time.